Law in Islam

  • Islamic Mysticism

    Islamic Mysticism

    • 23
    • 2019-01-21

    It possible for us to know God immediately or directly? Our ordinary knowledge of God is knowledge by representation/correspondence (al ‘ilm al husuli). We have a concept of God; we...


Religious -scientific conferences

  • Islamic philosophy; An Introduction

    Islamic philosophy; An Introduction

    • 18
    • 2019-01-20

    Islamic philosophy (الفلسفة الإسلامية) is a part of the Islamic studies, and is a longstanding attempt to create harmony between faith, reason or philosophy, and the religious teachings of I...


Criticism of religions

Experts of Islam

  • The Islamic Concept of Knowledge

    • 21
    • 2019-01-20

    While it is an open question whether an explicit and systematically worked out Islamic epistemology exists, it is undeniable that various epistemological issues have been discussed in Musl...


Criticism of cultures and civilizations

  • Scripture, Science and Self in Islam

    • 24
    • 2019-01-17

    What is Scripture? For the Muslim thinker Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), founding poet of the nation of Pakistan, the answer concerns science as well as the Quran, reason as well as fa...


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